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Wow - the magic barrier of 400 visitors per month is gone. Cool! More than 400 visitors looking on this site - great! It's a great pleasure and honor to have you on my site again!
Since this site is available in both, German and English, here is a usage statistic for a 4 week period beginning 29th September until 29th October:
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Still, most of the traffic is generated by the Scroller - especially on the German version of this site. The english version shows 20% of visitors looking after the Scroller and 18% after the SIP Registrar.
Beside the new Scroller version 1.1 there is now also an Android SIP IM Client available!
The Scroller version 1.1 is still as simple as version 1.0 - but now it contains one feature more - the scroller can stop scrolling when the mouse moves over it. Have a look: JavaScript™ basierter Scroller in der Version 1.1

The Android IM Client is sitting here: Implementing a RFC 3428 SIP IM client on Android - A quick-starter's guide.

Next? Pretty clear. The Android IM Client is only able to address direct routable IP addresses. Well, this sounds like there should be a SIP Proxy in between. Hmmmmmh. Why not extending the existing SIP Registrar? And the client needs to be extended with some cool features. Stay tuned!

SIP IM Client on Android

Implementing a RFC 3428 SIP IM client on Android - A quick-starter's guide.

The step-by-step guide shows a JAIN SIP (JSR-32) based SIP IM client implementing RFC 3428 - on Google's Android operating system. Step-by-step guide, sources and compiled application (APK) - ready to download!

In english language.

Implementing a RFC 3428 SIP IM client on Android - A quick-starter's guide.

JavaScript™ based Scroller

Update 1.1 Version! New Features

The scroller of this site became a project - and now in version 1.1 is even better and extended! Still, I aim for a simple and easy-to-understand scroller - but now with a slight extension: the content stops scrolling if the mouse hovers over the scrolling content.

Test it on this site - left!

FreePDF XP Image and Grahpics Handling

Remember the Settings

The HowTo describes the settings to use when importing graphics and images into word documents with the aim to create high quality PDF files afterwards.

In englisch language.

FreePDF XP Image and Graphics handling

Java Telecommunication Application Server

Technology comparision/ Positioning

The telecommunciation industries discusses java based execution environments since quite some time now. Especially standards based environments are of interest. The whitepaper compares JEE/SIP Servlet based application server with JAIN™ SLEE based servers.

In English language.

Whitepaper: Java Telecommunication Application Server
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