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Mobile Datacommunication

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Mobile Datenkommunikation in "Java™ Praxisnah"

Chapter / Book -  01.08.2003

The Java™-developer of 'Arbeitskreis Java™ München' published valuable experience and knowledge from practice in the German book 'Java™ praxisnah - Profitieren Sie von Programmierprofis'.

The book "Java™ praxisnah" introduces new technologies and shows how these technologies are implemented successfully.

Especially the domain of mobile data communication is error-prone. Most developers equate mobile data communication with cable bound communication. Main difference: the missing cable!

This simple approach leads to some imponderable risks in projects. And obviously, the mobile network bears the blame... The chapter 'Mobile Datenkommunikation' in 'Java™ Praxisnah' proves the opposite. The chapter names and describes shortly the Java™ communication methods and draws one surprising conclusion: all are based on TCP/IP as communication protocol.

However, especially TCP/IP has some features leading to heavy problems in mobile environments. The source examples show how to treat these features and to avoid the trap doors.

The source code is available for download on the website!

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Java™ praxisnah
Profitieren Sie von Programmierprofis
Java Praxisnah
All examples from "Mobile Datenkommunikation"
Michael Maretzke
All examples
2003, [ZIP, 43kb]
gepacktes Archiv
JMS example from "Mobile Datenkommunikation"
Michael Maretzke
2003, [ZIP, 26kb]
gepacktes Archiv
RMI example from "Mobile Datenkommunikation"
Michael Maretzke
2003, [ZIP, 14kb]
gepacktes Archiv
HTTP/MIDP example from "Mobile Datenkommunikation"
Michael Maretzke
2003, [ZIP, 5kb]
gepacktes Archiv

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