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HowTo: SIP Servlet Registrar

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Implementing a RFC 3261 SIP Registrar - A quick-starter's guide

HowTo and Quick-Starter Guide -  26.07.2007

What does a SIP Registrar? How to implement such a thing? How does SIP Servlet technology help? An introduction in few steps - in English.

The RFC 3261 defines the SIP protocol, its characteristics, the syntax and the semantics. Especially, chapter 10 focuses on the process of "Registration". What is it good for?

The described implementation started with the goal to understand the SIP Servlet technology and to apply it on a real-world application. Moreover, the process of registration was complex enough - but not too complex - to be implemented. The idea was born to implement a SIP Registrar in SIP Servlet technology. Additionally, it was simply impossible to locate a SIP Registrar implementation in internet lookups - especially Java based sources. So, the project "SIP Registrar" was born.

The implementation doesn't aim at a commercial solution, running out-of-the-box even in distributed environments. It represents a well-tested and correct implementation from a functional point of view with the aim to be as close as possible to the RFC 3261 description. The implementation is well-documented. As a side product, "sipp" test scripts evolve and ... hey, test your own SIP Registrar! The test cases are all derived from the textual description found in RFC 3261.

The documentation is written in English.

Index of the HowTo-document:

  • Introduction
  • What does a SIP Registrar do?
  • Elements of a SIP Registrar
  • RFC language translated
  • Overview of the Implementation
  • The RAFrame Example
  • Why SIP Servlets?
  • A working Example
    • Initialization
    • Registration Alice
    • Registration Eduardo
    • Eduardo invites Alice
  • What's next?
  • Important Links

Index of the Setup-document:

  • Introduction
  • Setting up the Environment
  • Verifying the Installation
  • Command line - usage of ANT
  • Using ANT build files in Eclipse
  • Open the project in Eclipse
  • Create the project in Eclipse
  • Important Links

Downloads at 

Implementing a RFC 3261 SIP Registrar
Michael Maretzke
2007, [PDF, 247kb]
Implementing a RFC 3261 SIP Registrar - A quick-starter's guide. Uncompressed PDF.

Setting up the SIP Registrar implementation
Michael Maretzke
2007, [PDF, 255kb]
Setting up the SIP Registrar implementation - A step-by-step guide. Uncompressed PDF.
RFC 3261 SIP Registrar, SIP Servlets
Michael Maretzke
2007, [ZIP, 253kb]
Sourcen für die SIP Servlet SIP Registrar Implementierung. Compressed Archive.

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