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Mobicents: JSLEE for the People

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Mobicents: JSLEE for the People, by the People

Article on -  14.03.2006

All you wanted to know about a successful open source project and all you wanted to know about JSLEE and its internals ...

Mobicents is one of the successful open source projects. Aim is to make the JAIN™ SLEE standard available to the people with the contributions from the people - JSLEE for the People, by the People.
The article talks about the general environment of VoIP telephony and the typical challenges. It introduces the key concepts of JSLEE and shows how these components work together in an example.

But most important, the founder Ivelin Ivanov and the lead programmer M. Ranganathan talk about their experience with the project Mobicents - both from a project management perspective and from a lead programmer. Especially, the insights on technical level are very, very interesting.

My contribution to this article? Well, Ivelin and Ranga said after hearing about the JavaSpektrum article on JSLEE that they needed somebody to provide the generic part and more important to kick them to keep the ball rolling. ;-)

The article is written in English.

"VoIP, as many have said, is more than merely voice over IP. Recent years have seen several highly popular applications like Skype, Google Talk, and MSN Messenger. All of them combine voice, instant messaging (IM), and other modes of communication into unified clients and greatly enhance the user experience. Previously, these means to communicate were islands--largely isolated from each other. However, engineers visited ..."

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Mobicents: JSLEE for the People, by the People
Ivelin Ivanov, M. Ranga, Michael Maretzke, 2005/2006 - Mobicents 2006