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JavaOne Talk 2004

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Java One 2004 - Technical Session TS-1172

Talk during the 9. JavaOne in San Francisco, Moscone Centre -  30.06.2004

"JAIN™ SLEE and Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™): Exposing Core Network Capabilities"

A good friend from work and myself had a session during the JavaOne 2004 developer conference in San Francisco. The topic of the talk was "JAIN™ SLEE and Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™): Exposing Core Network Capabilities".
About 80 persons, most of them with distinct knowledge about networks, joined the 50 minutes talk - and even better - none of them left early.

Aim of the talk was to stress the different roles of JAIN™ SLEE and J2EE™ and to show how both concepts can be implemented successfully in the network of a mobile network operator. Furthermore, some results of trials with these technologies were presented.

The presentation splits into two parts. The first part names the advantages of the JAIN™ SLEE execution environment if being applied close to the network. Topics like Java™ and performance in the context of network services of a mobile network operator were discussed.
The second part describes a typical situation in networks and compares both technology platforms, JAIN™ SLEE and J2EE™. Especially the different areas of application of both technologies are mentioned and ways described to solve some of the initially mentioned issues in today's networks (vertical services and architectures; heterogenous access methods to the network).

A short Overview on JAIN™ SLEE and a JAIN™ SLEE FAQ is available here on this website!

The Complete Session is available for download on the official JavaOne Homepage.

Michael Maretzke talks on the JavaOne 2004

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Session TS-1172

TS-1172, Vortrag auf der JavaOne 2004

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