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Java Telco Application Server

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Java Telecommunication Application Server - Technology Comparison

Whitepaper -  29.07.2008

An attempt to position the most dominant technologies in the domain of java telecommunication applicationservers.

Today, in the telecommunication industry new approaches for service delivery platforms are discussed. Java is already since quite some time a hot topic in telecommunication. Especially standardized environments are of interest for service delivery platform projects. Amongst the standardized execution environments there are SIP Servlets (combined with JEE) and JAIN SLEE. Both environments have their pros and cons. Especially the disadvantages of both don't allow a straight forward default selection for every project.

In some discussions about those technologies one can see almost religious argumentations. Why? These discussions very much remind to discussions like "Is Windows better than Unix?" "Is blue the nicer color than red?". Me being active in both standardization groups tried to describe the pros and cons of them in a positioning paper. It covers the following topics:

  • Set The Scope
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • JEE/SIP Servlet
  • Multi-Protocol - How?
  • Component Composition
  • Event Processing
  • Conclusion

Have fun reading - and I'm open to discuss! ()

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Java Telco Application Server Positiong
Michael Maretzke
2008, [PDF, 102kb]
Whitepaper: Java Telecommunication Application Server - Technology Comparison. Uncompressed PDF.

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