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JAIN™ SLEE Overview

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JAIN™ SLEE Technology Overview

Talk at the Java™ User Group in München -  12.04.2005

A runtime environment beside J2EE™ Is this possible? Yes, it is. JAIN™ SLEE defines a component-based and transacted runtime environment designed especially for close-to-real-time event processing.

The major goal of the talk and the presentation is to show the aims, the value-add and areas of application of JAIN™ SLEE (JSLEE). Especially, a differentiation to other technologies first of all J2EE™ is part of the presentation.

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JAIN™ SLEE - Technology Overview
Michael Maretzke
2005, [PDF, 258kb]
JAIN™ SLEE - Technology Overview. Uncompressed PDF.

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